New Year New Lanyards

New Year New Lanyards

As we approach the festive season and the arrival of 2022, you probably aren’t thinking about lanyards! But, why not? Lanyards are not only useful, but also have a host of other benefits for business. Get ready for 2022, start the New Year with new lanyards, keep reading to find out why you should order new fully customised lanyards for your business, workplace, or event now.

Great Reasons to Order New Customised Lanyards

Wearing a lanyard is commonplace in many workplaces, so why not utilise the humble lanyard to your advantage as a business owner or event organiser. There are so many reasons that a yearly investment in new lanyards will pay off such as:

  • Staff morale
  • Unified look
  • Marketing
  • Infection control

With a wide range of lanyard choices available, we have the perfect lanyard for your requirements, from traditional flat polyester to high-quality dye sublimation, to eco-friendly options. All these lanyards can be printed with your company logo and/or slogan and can be provided in an array of colours to perfectly match the ethos of your business.

Lanyards for Staff Morale

Whether your business is traditionally extremely busy over the festive season, or it is a quiet period, the New Year is an opportunity to re-set and show appreciation to your hard-working staff. It is proven that small gifts of appreciation have a huge effect on staff morale and overall productivity. Giving each staff member a new lanyard doesn’t have to cost the business a lot of money, there doesn’t need to be a huge fuss around the giving of the lanyard, but the benefits could be high. Staff that feel valued and appreciated generally work harder, a small token such as a lanyard can go a long way toward creating an environment of productivity, where fewer sick days are taken, and job satisfaction is higher.

Lanyards to Create a Unified Look

In workplaces where staff wear their own clothes or business attire, it can be difficult to distinguish staff from visitors. With most workplaces requiring identity cards, electronic cards that allow entry to the building or certain areas or use of equipment, and even to pay for refreshments in the staff canteen lanyards are commonplace. Giving all staff members a lanyard customised with the company logo creates a unified look, while also helping to identify staff from visitors – an essential for security purposes. You could even provide visitors with an alternative-coloured lanyard for additional security. Simply wearing the same lanyard as everyone else in the team helps to create a unified feel within the workplace, which in turn can help to boost both morale and productivity.

Lanyards for Marketing

Lanyards are an under-utilised and inexpensive marketing tool. Give each of your staff and visitors a lanyard, they will wear it for work but also on errands before, during and after work advertising your business to every store they visit and person that they pass. Marketing is one of the biggest business expenses, and many companies forget that the small things count. Lanyards are small, cheap, but a powerful way to put your logo in front of hundreds or even thousands of people every day. Inherent curiosity within humans means that passers-by, servers in the local coffee shop or department store and anyone else that interacts with your staff will likely note a lanyard with a prominent logo, raising subliminal awareness of your brand.

Infection Control

Over the past couple of years, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a heightened awareness of infection control. Reducing the spread of infection is no longer the domain of healthcare but of every person. Lanyards are often worn daily in the workplace, but are they ever washed or sanitised? New Year new lanyard, with a reminder to regularly wipe them over with antibacterial wipes, shows that you as an employer care about the health and safety of everyone within your workplace. Small steps such as these can further help to reduce the spread of infection and keep businesses functioning. Furthermore, bamboo fibre lanyards have antimicrobial properties, meaning that these would be a great choice if you were to purchase new staff lanyards for 2022.

Order New Lanyards for 2022

Standard lead time for new customised lanyard orders is 2-3 weeks, however, we also have a 5-day express service; so, there is plenty of time to order new lanyards for the new year. Know what you want? Great order online. Need some help or advice? Contact us – our customer service is exceptional. Our handy online chat is available during business hours, alternatively complete the quick quote or enquiry form and we will get back to you ASAP.