Plant Silk Deluxe & Bamboo Fibre

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Additional options for Plant Silk Deluxe and Bamboo Fibre Lanyards

Please note that prices are for a single print colour, use this form to contact us for a quote if you require multiple print colours.

Plant Silk Deluxe & Bamboo Fibre Lanyards

For business or events that are eco-conscious sustainable lanyards are an essential choice. Here we have two lanyard options, both of which are environmentally sustainable. We have the Plant Silk Deluxe lanyard or the Bamboo Fibre lanyard to choose from, both of which are popular additions to our range of recycled and eco-friendly lanyards. Both lanyards have a range of options and are fully customisable to the requirements of your company or event. To discuss which option is best for you, to get a personalised quote, or place an order contact us today.

Plant Silk Deluxe Lanyards

Manufactured from the waste stems of grain crops, the Plant Silk Deluxe lanyards are both sustainable and biodegradable. Not only is the fabric made from waste products, the manufacturing method used is as sustainable as possible to keep the eco-friendly rating of these lanyards as high as possible. These lanyards have a slightly ribbed texture, they are completely customisable with your logo and/or phrase, but we would recommend that they are more suited to simpler logo designs due to the texture.

Plant Silk Deluxe lanyards have multiple different options for customisation as listed below:

  • Lanyard widths available: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm
  • 7 clip options (standard and upgradable)
  • Print on one or both sides
  • Pantone colour matched fabric
  • Personalise with logo
  • Express delivery option

Bamboo Fibre Lanyards

Sustainable and biodegradable, the Bamboo Fibre lanyards are manufactured from an extract of pulped bamboo, and also use sustainable manufacturing techniques. A fantastic option if your logo is more complex as the Bamboo Fibre lanyards have a smooth finish. Naturally anti-bacterially, the bamboo fibre lanyards are comfortable to wear next to the skin and ideal both in the business and leisure environments. Fully customisable, you can create your own bespoke lanyards choosing from a range of colours, widths, clip options, and of course by adding your company logo and/or phrase. Additional options include:

  • Lanyard widths available: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm
  • Multiple clip options
  • Print on 1 or 2 sides
  • Pantone colour matching
  • Personalise with logo/text
  • Standard delivery 2-3 weeks
  • Express option available

Ordering Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Ordering either the Plant Silk Deluxe or Bamboo Fibre lanyards is easy at Absolute Lanyards. You can order online or use our quick quote form to get a bespoke quote for your individual options. We also have an online chat function that is available during business hours, we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have before, during or after placing an order with us. Keep your sustainability rating as high as possible, and order Plant Silk Deluxe or Bamboo Fibre lanyards for your business or event today.