Lanyards for Pride

Lanyards for Pride

Pride month in the UK is usually June, however, there are events up and down the country celebrating Pride throughout the year. Whether you are hosting a Pride event, or you’d like to show support for the LGBTQ+ community within your organisation, lanyards for Pride prove to be extremely popular every year. Pride lanyards can be fully customised when you order at Absolute Lanyards. We anticipate this event to be hugely popular in 2022, due to restrictions on celebrations during the past two-years. Get ready to celebrate Pride, and order custom lanyards for delivery in-time for your event.

What is Pride

Pride is a celebration of love and friendship. The movement shows support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other identities. June is the traditional month of celebration, as that was the month in 1969 that the Stonewall Riots took place in the USA, these protests were a defining moment for the LGBTQ+ community around the world. Promoting the rights of the LGBTQ+

Pride lanyards examples

community including acceptance and equality, celebrating their achievements, raising awareness, and reminding people of the damage caused by homophobia Pride is celebrated by millions of people around the globe.

Cities and towns throughout the UK hold organised Pride events. Festivals, colourful parades, and concerts are mass attended. The biggest and most popular events in the UK are Brighton, London, and Manchester. However, many other cities are catching up, with the events in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool growing exponentially each year. Smaller towns and cities also run Pride events, such as Lancaster Pride, for which Absolute Lanyards has supplied the lanyards on several occasions.

Why Pride Lanyards?

Lanyards are a popular choice for Pride events. When you order lanyards from us, they will be printed using high-quality print techniques for perfect customisation. There is a large selection of lanyards available including eco-friendly options and

dye sublimation for photographic quality designs. Whichever lanyard style and colour you choose, you can add your bespoke event logo and/or slogan. There are also standard and premium clips to choose from, as well as the option of a safety release, and great value ID card accessories that can be added for a complete event lanyard.

Pride lanyards have a multitude of uses. Lanyards can be branded with the event logo and handed out to staff as identification for access to specific areas of the event, or to highlight staff to attendees for help or support during the event. Lanyards can also be provided as part of the ticket purchase, where applicable, giving attendees a convenient way of always carrying their ticket with them. Combined with an ID holder, tickets can provide access to different features of the event depending on the price paid, age of the attendee or other requirements helping to aid event security.

Marketing of pride events is often done in city and town centres in the weeks preceding the event; lanyards and other pride merchandise can be helpful with this. There are also several fully customisable wristbands available that can be used for marketing. Lanyards and wristbands printed with the event logo can be handed out as a freebie or even sold before as well as during the event. Benefits of using customised event merchandise is that people will use the product after the event. Wristbands are often worn to signify support for Pride, and lanyards are used at schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces throughout the country, meaning ongoing recognition for the event assisting with the following years marketing campaign.

Support Pride 

Businesses up and down the UK also show their support of the LGBTQ+

community during Pride month and throughout the year. Organisations as big as the NHS to small independent retailers mark the event in their own ways. We supply flat polyester lanyards in rainbow fabric as one of our standard options. The colourful rainbow has become synonymous with Pride events, and wearing a rainbow, particularly during June, but year-round, highlights support for LGBTQ+ people.

Rainbow lanyards can be supplied with or without customisation. Printing your organisations logo onto rainbow lanyards and handing them out to students, staff and visitors promotes inclusivity and helps to reinforce the ethos of acceptance, as well as providing an opportunity to open the conversation about LGBTQ+ issues raising awareness and support.

Order Lanyards for Pride

With many combinations of lanyard available, take this opportunity to get ready for pride by ordering bespoke customised pride lanyards now. In addition to lanyards, we can supply wristbands, face coverings, bags, and keychains all fully personalised for your Pride event. With minimum order quantity of 100, and no maximum order quantity, on most products, we can cater for organisations and events of all sizes. Standard delivery times are 2-3 weeks however, we do offer an express delivery service of 5-working days if you need lanyards for pride in a hurry.