Lancaster Pride

Lancaster Pride

This year, we had the fantastic opportunity to supply custom lanyards for Lancaster Pride. We we’re very honoured to be part of this kind of celebration as the LGBT community is becoming a more and more prominent sub-culture & we were very excited to be part of it.

Pride is an absolutely fantastic event that helps celebrate the freedom and empowerment of the LGBT community. There are hundreds of events that happen over the year spanning the entire country. These can be celebrations taking part in huge cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester & London. Typically, this would involve a parade, extravagant costumes and music. Brilliant stuff.

For the event itself, we supplied a fully personalised, flat polyester lanyard with a dog clip which was printed with the pride flag along the entirety of the lanyard itself. This rainbow colour perfectly reflected the event by making the flag more of a statement throughout. To add to this, each of the lanyards had a whistle on the end of it, which was the choice out of our range of lanyard accessories. Helping bring a whole new meaning to ‘loud & proud!’

We were very honoured to have been able to support this event in this way, and we’d be thrilled to form a long lasting relationship with Lancaster Pride and support them as they grow for years and years to come.

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