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Although we stock an essential range of lanyards and lanyard accessories, our plain lanyards are as clean and as simple as they get. The perfect lanyard for keys, without worrying about what accessories you want with them, or what kind of clip you need, we do near enough everything for you. No fuss, no headache, at the best possible price.

"Perfect lanyard for keys. There is power in simplicity, and thats what our plain lanyards do."

To purchase some of our plain lanyards, all you need to do is pick three things;

Quantity: The main thing is to let us know how many lanyards you need, that way our team behind the scenes can get to work with getting your order ready.

Width: Secondly, is the width of the lanyard. For these option inparticular, we offer 10mm and 20mm. There is a slight difference in price depending on this thickness, but regardless of which width you choose, you can guarantee a strong material bend, making for a long-lasting lanyard.

Colour: Our plain lanyards are available in three popular colours. Black, red (pms 485) and blue (pms 281)

We understand how important your brand is, we also understand the value in simplicity. This is the gap that we’re looking to provide a service in, by providing lanyards for keys and other day to day means. if you’re looking for something more expansive and customisable, view our range of lanyards, here Or if you’re set on your lanyards and want to consider adding some relevant accessories, click here

Delivery can be next working day if ordered before 2pm.

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