Full Colour Festival Wristbands

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Perfect for festival season these colourful wristbands are the perfect merchandise or event freebie. Full colour festival wristbands can be customised to your requirements and can include the logo for your festival or event within the design. With several fabric choices and closure options these wristbands can be personalised to your requirements. With a minimum order quantity of 500 wristbands, the festival bands are suited to larger events.

Customising the Full Colour Festival Wristbands

When ordering these wristbands there are several options:

  • Fabric: Satin, Recycled, Bamboo fibre
  • Closure Simple slider, circular, toggle

Printed using high-definition techniques the full colour festival wristbands can be customised to your requirements. Upload an image of how you’d like the wristbands to look, these wristbands and the print technique are suited to vibrant colour schemes that festival goers will wear not only during the event but afterwards as well – providing an ongoing marketing opportunity for next years event!

Three fabric choices provide further customisation. Standard satin fabric provides a smooth, slightly shiny finish to the wristbands. For eco conscious festivals or events the recycled or bamboo fabrics are a great choice. Bamboo wristbands have anti-microbial properties making them an ideal option for festival goers. Whichever fabric you choose these wristband are soft and comfortable to wear, and they will be 350mm x 15mm enabling them to be worn by almost anyone.

Multiple closure options allow you to fully customise the wristbands to your requirements. If you are unsure contact customer services who will talk you through all the different options and provide further information or images as required.

Ordering wristbands is easy on our website, but for a quote tailored to your requirements or simply as an initial enquiry complete the quick quote form and we will get back to you. Full colour festival wristbands are printed to order, using the highest quality materials and print techniques to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order. You may also be interested in ordering other branded items such as keychains and tote bags that can be sold or given away alongside the wristbands at your festival or event.