NHS Lanyards: Guidelines, usage and custom ordering

NHS Lanyards: Guidelines, usage and custom ordering

An iconic part of the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) is the biggest employer in the country with over 1.5m employees as of 2018. Identifying each member of staff and their role is essential for colleagues, visitors and of course patients; as such identity cards and subsequently lanyards, card holders and clips are used by each of the 1.5million+ members of the NHS workforce. Strict rules are in place for suppliers of items such as NHS lanyards to ensure consistency of the branding, imagery, logos and colour scheme of the organisation. Lanyards and ski-pass style clips intended for official NHS use must be produced in accordance with these regulations.

NHS Logo Lanyards and Clips

Instantly recognisable, the NHS logo symbolises the organisation that provides free healthcare to the 66 million residents of the United Kingdom. The National Health Service was founded on 5th July 1948 and, has grown to be the envy of the world. Even in many modern, developed countries the level of healthcare provided is dependent upon an individual’s ability to pay for insurance, leading to a system that unfairly disadvantages poorer members of society. Not in the UK, where the NHS provides high quality healthcare for all.

As such a prestigious organisation the NHS logo and its usage is strictly regulated by guidelines, meaning that suppliers of lanyards and other NHS merchandise must adhere closely to the guidance provided. Here at Absolute Lanyards we can produce a full range of NHS branded lanyards and ski-pass reel clips that meet all the requirements.

Here are some helpful pointers to ensure that your NHS lanyards meet the requirements:

  • NHS logo should be clearly visible
  • NHS logo should stand alone not be included within text
  • Lanyards must be made to order
  • Delivery must be directly to the NHS organisation
  • Payment must come directly from the NHS
  • Officially supplied NHS logo should be used

Colour Scheme of NHS Clips and Lanyards

Alongside the easily identifiable NHS logo, the blue and white colour scheme is equally as iconic. Similar to the logo, strict

Designed of NHS lanyards

guidelines exist surrounding the exact shades of blue that should be associated with the organisation. The complete specifics of the NHS colour guidelines can be found here; with completely custom requirements available from colour to design, Absolute Lanyards is the number one choice for all your custom order NHS lanyards and accessories.

Pantone 300 is the most iconic NHS blue teamed with white for a clean and crisp look. The guidelines also allow for other colours, again with specific shade guidance. These colours include shades of grey, green purple, pink, red and yellow; no matter what your requirements you can be sure of receiving high quality lanyards and ski-pass clips when you place your custom order with us. Many NHS departments ordering lanyards and other accessories order for specific purposes such as celebrating events or supporting causes; an example of this is the popularity of the rainbow NHS lanyard that we often supply. The rainbow is widely known to symbolise the LGBTQ community; and has recently been used as a symbol of thanks and pride toward NHS workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Usage of Lanyards and Ski-Pass Reel in the NHS

As previously stated, with a huge work force that needs to be identified at all times for security and safeguarding of patients the NHS provides every member of staff with an ID card; which in turn creates a need for lanyards and clips. Every NHS Trust has their own rules and regulations surrounding the wearing of ID badges; some of the most common guidelines are outlined below.

  • ID badges must be worn and visible at all times
  • Lanyards and/or clips should be used to secure ID badges
  • Ski-pass clips to be used in clinical areas

Due to infection control and health and safety guidelines, the majority of NHS Trusts ask staff that have direct interaction with patients to wear their ID badges clipped to their uniform using ski-pass style clips. These clips can be custom ordered to follow the NHS colour scheme and using the Trusts name and logo in the same way as lanyards.

When we think of the NHS most of us naturally think of doctors and nurses, hands on members of staff directly involved in patient care. However, behind the scene there are thousands of support staff that do not come into direct patient contact; these staff frequently wear their ID badges around their neck on a traditional lanyard, hence the need for large numbers of lanyards within the NHS.

Ordering NHS Lanyards

Lanyards are in our business name and as such form the largest product range that we have available. Lanyards are available in different widths, different fabrics and dye types, we also have multiple clip styles allowing you to order the NHS lanyards that perfectly meet the needs of the intended wearer. Take a look at the full range of available lanyards in our online store.

If it is NHS ski-pass reels for clinical staff that you require these can again be designed to suit your requirements. We also supply plastic identity card holders making Absolute Lanyards a one-stop shop. We have a handy online chat service to ensure that you get a personalised service whether you are ordering small or large volumes, and our express shipping service is handy should you require speedy manufacture and delivery of lanyards and ski-pass holders directly to your NHS organisation.