Lanyards in the workplace

Lanyards in the workplace

Lanyards and ID badges are a great tool for many situations, especially corporate offices when used in the correct way. Not only can it help differentiate between departmental staff and bring up the level of security, but it can even assist in advertising your company which can be helpful for online businesses especially if thats where you’re operating the most.

Visitor and intern lanyards

For most companies, the first person a visitor will be see is the receptionist. Put yourself in that same situation, if you were meeting a company in hope of them providing you a service, would you want a worn out pin/slit of paper or a professionally done lanyard? The end user experience starts as soon as they enter your building, not as they meet you. Not only is it important for creating a lasting impression, but it’s also great for housekeeping. If there is an emergency like a fire for example then
you can track people more easily if staff is cut into departments and visitors are segmented.

Custom lanyards for offices

By choosing to use our personalised lanyards, you can easily create a selection that can be easily differentiated between departments and visitors. This can be done via the use of colour coding, text and images.

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One of the main operational advantages of doing this, is to keep department business in the appropriate sec5on and staff can be careful what they’re discussing depending on who's around -especially when you have large amounts of staff. As it means you no longer have to worry about visitors learning all anything they shouldn't, your new starters/interns learning about sensitive
financial information of the company, or your admin assistants finding out about your HR issues which could then be shared elsewhere.

Lanyards as an advertising tool

If you do choose to take advantage of our custom lanyards you’ll also be able to potentially advise your company whilst your members of staff are on their way to or from the office.

This is because most people will simply put their lanyards on in the morning naturally if their security passes are attached to them. if you’re based in a city or town centre, then a large amount of your staff might travel by public transport or walk in – therefore allowing you to advertise for free to people looking while your staff members are on the train, in the queue waiting to get coffee or simply walking down the street.

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