Lanyards for Sports Events

Lanyards for Sports Events

Every year hundreds of thousands of people participate in organised sports events across the United Kingdom and around the globe. From running to cycling, triathlon to ultra-marathon and numerous iterations of mud runs, colour runs, and insane obstacle courses sporting events are big business. Attracting so many people, with all manner of organisational considerations lanyards for sporting events are a necessity. Uses for lanyards at sports events are almost endless, keep reading to find out more.

Uses for Lanyards at Sporting Events

Most people know about marathons, and the physical challenge that running 26.2 miles entails. The London Marathon is known and watched worldwide and attracts over 40,000 runners to this one event alone. Up and down the UK towns and cities host an array of events from 5k fun runs to full 26.2-mile marathons. However, did you also know that there are many other sporting events taking place throughout the year?

Road and mountain biking events, triathlons of different distances and difficulty levels, mud and obstacle challenges, strength and endurance events as well as kayaking, paddle boarding and other water sports events. In addition to events organised by local authorities such as road races, and big companies such as Tough Mudder, there are also thousands of charity events each year aimed at challenging people to participate and raise money for the chosen charity. One of the most well-known of these is Race For Life, which hosts events including 3k, 5k and 10k runs as well as Pretty Muddy across the UK, participants often complete their chosen course wearing all pink in aid of Cancer Research.

All of these events take a large amount of organisation to ensure that they run smoothly, with volunteers, staff, stall holders, racegoers and spectators needing to be in the correct place at the correct time to ensure that the races can be as safe as possible with minimum fuss. There are numerous uses for lanyards within sporting events such as:

  • Carrying identification
  • Staff or volunteer access
  • Medal lanyards
  • Denoting start wave
  • To carry essentials
  • Merchandise

Identification at Sporting Events

For participants and event staff it may be necessary to carry identification, a lanyard is a great option for this. Lanyards can include an ID card holder or clear pouch perfect for carrying essential identification. Staff may be provided with an ID card enabling participants and spectators to easily identify who staff are and their role at the event. Lanyards are particularly useful to be given to volunteers as a quick and easy means of identification. All lanyards can be provided with an optional safety release clip.  

Lanyards for Event Staff

Lanyards can be fully customised with event logos, and there is the option of different coloured lanyards for different target groups each with the same branding for consistency. Access to certain areas may be restricted, certain colour lanyards or a lanyard to carry electronic ID that allows access to specified areas can help with the smooth running of events and to maintain security for all staff and participants. With a wide array of lanyard options available, from simple flat polyester to full colour high-definition dye-sublimation lanyards there is a lanyard that is perfect for every sporting event.

Medal Lanyards

While some participants at every event are there for serious sporting reasons, like

medals on lanyards

the elite racers at the London Marathon, most participants are taking part for fun, and the recognition that they took on the challenge and succeeded. It isn’t necessarily about recording the fastest time it is about getting over the finish line and being able to say, ‘I did it’. As a lasting memory of the achievements most events give every finisher a medal. Medals are usually attached to a lanyard enabling finishers to wear them around their neck as they recover, stretch, refuel, and hydrate. With a wide selection of lanyard styles available, Absolute Lanyards can offer a one-stop service providing fully customised lanyards and medals, send us a message to find out more and get a quote.

Lanyards to Denote Start Wave

Most events split participants into start waves, with serious competitors heading out to tackle the course first, followed by amateurs and those that are there for fun. Lanyards, either in different colours, or custom printed with the event logo and start wave time, would be a great way to easily identify the start time of each competitor. Provided alongside their race pack lanyards are a great reminder for event day as well as a keepsake for after the event.

Lanyards With Pouches

Lanyards can be worn with a waterproof pouch to carry essentials such as medication. Sports kit often isn’t designed with pockets, and wet race days or mud runs may mean the contents of any pockets would be soaked. A lanyard with a waterproof pouch, tucked inside a t-shirt or vest top, could be the perfect solution for keeping essentials dry and in useable condition.

Lanyards and Other Merchandise

Custom printed lanyards are a low-cost freebie and ideal for event marketing, providing all entrants with a lanyard that they may wear for work, college or school will provide ongoing advertising for your event. At events people often like to purchase a souvenir, but t-shirts and hoodies cost too much or wouldn’t be worn, a lanyard is an ideal alternative for many people and always prove to be popular. 

It isn’t just lanyards that we have available, customised tote bags are also a great choice for sporting events that offer fantastic value and are also a popular choice. For high-energy sporting events such as colour-runs or muddy obstacle courses wristbands also make a great choice, they can be used for many purposes including denoting start wave, as well as a wearable freebie or merchandise that is available for purchase.

When planning your next sporting event choose Absolute Lanyards for fully customised lanyards, as well as other merchandise. Contact us for a quote, we can supply small and large quantities to suit your requirements, with 5-day express delivery available on many products if required.