Lanyards For Schools and Colleges

Lanyards For Schools and Colleges

Lanyards are used in a wide variety of workplaces often enabling staff and visitors to be identified, one of the major sectors where lanyards are increasingly essential is schools and colleges. Most schools and colleges require staff to wear an identification lanyard, with many also requiring students to wear one. Lanyards for schools and colleges are usually custom designed and need to be ordered in bulk. Absolute Lanyards is the expert in bespoke lanyards, contact us today to discuss the lanyard requirements for your school or college. 

Lanyards For Staff

Schools and colleges have many staff, not only are there the teachers and teaching assistants, but also office and administration staff, cleaners and maintenance workers, catering staff and lunchtime supervisors. On larger campuses it would be unreasonable for every member of staff and every student to know every other person on campus, therefore lanyards that carry an identification card are useful. This enables staff to be identified as having a legitimate presence on the school site.

Some school and colleges opt to provide every member of staff with the same lanyard, designed in school colours and printed with a logo and/or moto. Other schools provide different colours to different types of staff for easier identification, without the need to read the ID card. In addition to lanyards, we have ID holders available at a competitive price enabling you to purchase the lanyards and ID holders for delivery together.

Lanyards for school and colleges

Lanyards For Students

Lanyards for staff are commonplace in most schools and colleges in the United Kingdom, however, whether lanyards are required for students is more dependent on the setting. Most primary schools catering for younger children do not require the children to wear lanyards. Whereas it is increasingly common in high-schools, sixth-form settings, and colleges for the students to be required to wear lanyards.

In some school and college lanyards are simply given to keep a locker key safe, or to identify students within a specific year group, in other settings the lanyards and attached ID is of vital importance. Modern technology has enabled ID cards to be used for more than picture identification. In some schools ID cards provide access to the building and/or certain areas, they can also be used as the source of payment in cashless canteens, or for printer credits. In many schools or colleges students are turned away if they forget their lanyard, meaning that the lanyard really is an essential component of the school uniform.

Other Uses for Lanyards in Schools or Colleges

Schools and colleges are busy institutions with regular visitors and events. As such, lanyards can be used for a variety of other purposes such as:  

  • Lanyards for visitors
  • Lanyards for school trips
  • Lanyards for sports days and other events
  • Lanyards for open days

Many schools opt to have a different colour lanyard, simply printed with ‘visitor’ and the school logo, these are given to parents, visiting speakers, contractors, and anyone else that is given temporary access to the school building. Lanyards are also ideal for school trips, allowing students to be easily identified as part of the school group, in this instance ID cards can contain emergency school staff contact details for in the event of an emergency or the student being separated from the rest of the party. For sports days, events and open days lanyards can be used to easily identify teams, groups, subject areas etc.

Design of Lanyards For Schools and Colleges

When ordering lanyards for schools or colleges there are some considerations, including the colour scheme and design. For example, complex school logos would be more suited to a lanyard with a smooth finish. Other considerations include:

  • Clip type
  • Safety release
  • Sustainable options
  • Durability

At Absolute Lanyards you can completely customise the features of the lanyards that you order. We have many different types of lanyards including eco-friendly options, you can browse the selection available here. Whether you choose the popular flat polyester lanyards, sustainable bamboo fibre lanyards or any of the other options you can choose the type of clip that best suits the use of the lanyard. You can also choose to add a safety release clip, which is a very popular option for schools and colleges.

Enquire with us today, we can help you choose the best lanyards for your requirements. We offer a complete customisation service and aim to offer the highest standards of customer care. We want you to be happy with the lanyards you purchase as well as the service you receive from us.