Lanyards for Holiday Clubs

Lanyards for Holiday Clubs

Many parents work full-time meaning that during school holidays there is a need for childcare. While some families are fortunate enough to be able to share care and utilise grandparent’s, other parents book their children into holiday clubs. There is an array of different holiday clubs to choose from including sports and activity based, as well as educational and simply play based for younger children. Depending on the age range catered for and activities offered, lanyards for holiday clubs are extremely popular and can serve multiple purposes. Find out more, then order custom lanyards with fast delivery from our online store.

Lanyards for Kids

Many children and teenagers are used to wearing lanyards every day, they are commonly used for identification purposes in schools and colleges, as we discussed in more depth in this recent blog.  

Lanyards are fully customisable to suit your requirements, and safety release clips are also available for all lanyards options that we have available. View the full range here, whether you require plain lanyards in a selection of different colours, a completely bespoke design printed in high-definition or eco-friendly lanyards we have them all available. Lanyards are a brilliant choice for holiday clubs, with many uses including:

  • Identification
  • Team or group activities
  • Day trips
  • Visitors

Identification Lanyards

Most schools and colleges that require pupils to wear lanyards do so for

identification purposes. At a holiday club, where both staff and children may be unfamiliar with each other lanyards are ideal for identification purposes. Adding an optional ID Card holder to the lanyards enables a plastic ID card to be carried, this can be printed with the person’s name and a photo and any other relevant information. Where children are being provided with a meal, it may be useful to add allergy information to this card or even provide children that have an allergy or other significant medical needs with a different coloured lanyard to ensure that staff can check their individual requirements.

Lanyards for Kids Activities 

For holiday clubs that are based around sports or other specific activities lanyards can be useful to help split the children up into teams or groups. Different coloured lanyards all printed with the club logo could be used denote which group a child is in. Where there are different age groups and eligibility to enter different areas or activities, again lanyards can be useful as a fast visual identifier of where a child should be.

Custom Lanyards for Day Trips

Many holiday clubs arrange day trips for children, these may be for educational or

fun purposes, to a nature reserve or a theme park, but in any circumstance, lanyards can be helpful in ensuring safety. Particularly for older children that are likely to be given time to explore alone a lanyard with key contact details in case of an emergency is a great idea. Alternatively, why not opt for one of our wristbands, that can also be fully customised with logos and text enabling contact details for the staff in-charge to be easily located if necessary.

Visitor Lanyards

Like schools and colleges visitors may be allowed onto site. To ensure the safety of staff and children lanyards are a good way to identify visitors; this is particularly important for larger holiday clubs that cater for a wide age range of children where not everyone may know each other. A bold coloured lanyard printed with the logo of the holiday club, and ‘visitor’ text would usually be sufficient.

Bespoke Accessories

Holiday clubs are often the highlight of the year for many children, an opportunity to make new friends, get involved in different activities and have new experiences. Giving out prizes or rewards for good work, behaviour, participation or teamwork and any other number of accolades is a nice idea, and what better than a bespoke keepsake branded with the holiday club logo and colour scheme.

There is a wide range of fully customisable products available in addition to lanyards when you order from us. Key rings make a great value giveaway, or why not opt for personalised tote bags, these are hit with older kids and often used for books or PE kit. We have a range of custom gift bags available in different sizes, enabling you to put any goodies inside you’d like from sweets to gift vouchers, to more extravagant prizes. Check out the full range of branded items that are available to order now.

If you are unsure what lanyards or products to choose, we are always happy to help. You can complete our quick quote form or contact us for advice. All products are designed to the highest quality and printed with the latest techniques. Standard delivery is approximately 3 weeks, with an express option for many products if you’re in hurry.