Lanyards for Festivals

Lanyards for Festivals

Winter is nearly behind us, as longer, warmer days are getting closer it’s time to start thinking about outdoor activities. Following several years of muted activity due to COVID-19 the festival season looks set to be popular in 2022. If you are planning a festival or attending a festival, then it is time to consider ordering custom lanyards for the event. Lanyards can be used as part of the marketing strategy for the festival, given along with the ticket, as a ticket-sale add-on or available to purchase during the festival. With so many ideas get creative with your design and order custom festival lanyards now.

Custom Festival Lanyards

There are many different types of lanyards available, with an array of choice there is certainly a lanyard to suit the style and needs of your festival. Standard flat polyester lanyards are a great choice and can be personalised with your festival logo and designed in your custom colour scheme. For high-energy events you could opt for dye-sublimation lanyards that are printed in high-definition to photographic quality enabling you to incorporate vibrant colour schemes and designs into the lanyard. If your festival is eco-conscious perhaps sustainable lanyards such as the Earth Friendly Recycled PET lanyards would be the perfect option.

Whichever lanyards you opt for they are all completely customisable to your requirements. With 10mm, 15mm and 20mm lanyard widths available, depending on the style, personalisation options are almost endless; you can add the festival logo, sponsor logo and/or tag line. Printing can be single or double sided. There are several clip choices including the standard dog clip and crocodile clip or opt for a premium option such the lobster clip or G-clip. For safety all lanyards can include an optional safety release clip.

Why Festival Lanyards?

They may be fully customisable, but what can lanyards be used for when thinking of the festival season? Lanyards are cheap and versatile, and have numerous options for uses including:

  • Marketing
  • Ticket presentation
  • Identification
  • Add-on purchase
  • For sale at the festival

Lanyards are a fantastic product for helping to market your festival, particularly local events such as food festivals. Custom printed lanyards can be handed out in town squares, along with leaflets and other forms of advertising. You can also ask staff to wear a lanyard as they go about their day while organising the festival, as they buy their morning coffee, chat with potential stall holders or pop into the supermarket on their way home they will be advertising the local festival to everyone that they meet.

For premium festivals or events, or those that require the attendee to prominently show their ticket, it may be appropriate to send the tickets along with a free lanyard. Lanyards purchased in bulk are great value, offering the customer that little something extra that hugely increases satisfaction and the likelihood of getting a positive review or repeat purchase for next year’s festival.

If security is a concern, where tickets are specific to an individual, or ID is required to get into premium areas of the festival lanyards can be used to carry event issued photographic identification. Lanyards can be supplied with ID card holders for the complete solution to your requirements.

Of course, lanyards can be given as a freebie, but they can also contribute to the festivals ability to make a profit. Either as an available add-on at the point of purchase or when guests arrive, and throughout the festival, having lanyards available to buy is a great idea, particularly if there is a need to show the ticket to get into different areas, or get back inside after returning to a car or tent.  The convenience of a lanyard with ID card holder or plastic pouch that perfectly fits the ticket is likely to attract a stream of keen purchasers.

Other Custom Festival Merchandise

There is an array of custom products that are perfect for festivals, that can be sold on a website before the event or at stalls during the event. Here at Absolute Lanyards, we have a wide range of customisable lanyards available, but we can also provide other festival merchandise such as wristbands, PVC keychains, and full colour tote bags. Like lanyards wristbands in particular are great for festivals, they are often worn by festival goers long after the event has ended providing a marketing opportunity for next years festival.

Whatever the size or type of festival that you are organising, choose Absolute Lanyards to provide bespoke printed lanyards and other customised merchandise. Order via the website, or use our online chat to get a fast, personalised quote. Delivery usually takes around 3-weeks, but if you’re in a hurry you can opt for the 5-day express service that is available for most products.