Lanyards for Day Trips

Lanyards for Day Trips

Summer is here, and after two-years of spoiled holiday plans many people are planning to enjoy the season to it’s fullest. Holiday companies understand that both at home and abroad part of the experience of a holiday is exploring new places and having unique experiences. As such, there are a wealth of companies that offer excursions for tourists; and lanyards are often used as part of those trips. If you’re organising events for tourists this summer, it’s not too late to order customised lanyards for day trips with express shipping from Absolute Lanyards. But first, keep reading to find out more about the many uses of lanyards and other customisable merchandise for excursions.

Lanyards for Excursions

From walking or bus city tours to extreme adventure, every holiday destination has an array of organised tours allowing tourists to experience the highlights of the city that they are visiting. Organising these tours to ensure that everyone has a great experience, that is hassle free is not an easy task; however, lanyards can be a cost-effective tool to help you to achieve this. Lanyards can be used for excursions for the following purposes:

  • Identification
  • Access Passes
  • Emergency details
  • Carrying Essentials
  • Souvenirs
  • Staff

Before looking at each of these in more detail, it is worth highlighting that there is a wide selection of lanyards available. Lanyards are fully customisable; choose the base colour, add a logo and/or text, printing on one or both sides, you can even choose different clips and add-ons depending on your requirements. You can see the full range of lanyards that we have available here.

Lanyards for Identification 

Tourist attractions are usually extremely busy, therefore, identifying who is part of the tour is useful. Having each participant wearing a lanyard custom printed with the tour operator logo is a simple, yet effective, way of knowing who is with the tour group. Additionally, if the tour is large, you may need to split participants into multiple groups – these could be denoted with lanyards of different colours.

Access Passes 

Day trips for tourists are often an all-inclusive cost making it easy to access the desired attractions, the trips cost covers the cost of transport as well as any entry fees, insurance, and sometimes even food and drink costs. Unless the tour is completely private, the cost often includes entry to a venue for which there may be a ticket necessary. 

Lanyards in conjunction with a plastic wallet, that can be purchased alongside your lanyards, can be used to securely carry a ticket or other access cards. Some tour operators pre-load a card with payment for lunch and a set number of drinks per person; providing a lanyard to carry tickets, cards and maybe a venue map if necessary is convenient and helps with customer satisfaction rates.

Emergency Details

Some tourist excursions involve high-adrenaline adventure; think zip lines, white water rafting or mountaineering, these can not only be fun, but also inherently carry a small risk of injury. As such, information such as name, date of birth, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, and emergency contact details should be gathered prior to the start of an activity. However, in the event of an incident it may be easier and quicker to access the information if it being carried on the person. A lanyard with ID card holder that is pre-filled with all the essential information can assist the emergency services to provide the best possible care in the unlikely event of an injury occurring.

Carrying Essentials

Depending on the activity, there may be a limit to what can be carried during an excursion. For a sightseeing tour or wine-tasting participants can carry their handbags or a rucksack along with them. However, for adventure excursions the ability to carry essentials will be more limited. In this case, providing a lanyard with essentials pouch would be a fantastic added touch. For water-based activities you can get dry-pouches to keep essentials free from water. Essentials may include medication, and a key to the locker where the rest of the person’s belongings are stored. Secure, dry pouches can be reused, and add a premium touch to day trips, making the tourist feel valued by ensuring that their needs have been fully considered.


As has been demonstrated, lanyards have a multitude of uses for day trips. If you’ve opted for lanyards for one or more of the reasons above, allowing each participant to keep their lanyards also provides a great value freebie that will be much appreciated, and a souvenir to help remember the experience by.  Even if your excursion doesn’t necessitate lanyards for any of the above reasons, they would still be an ideal souvenir to give to or even sell to participants.

Staff Lanyards

Putting on a day trip for tourists not only involves a great plan, but also enthusiastic staff to host the tour. Lanyards are a must to help participants recognise tour staff. Lanyards can also be used by the team to carry essential information, an itinerary, access or ID cards, keys, and many other items.

Bespoke Printed Merchandise  

Lanyards are obviously a must-have for anyone organising tourist excursions. Many items can be customised to advertise your business and are a great idea for either free or for-sale souvenirs that are available to participants of the tours. From tote bags to keychains, wristbands and more we have a range of fully customisable merchandise that can be ordered from Absolute Lanyards. Contact us to discuss your requirement and to get a custom quote, all our prices are fully inclusive, so there are no hidden extras or delivery charges to consider.