Lanyards as a marketing tool

Lanyards as a marketing tool

We’re under no illusion, we know that marketing and competing with your competitors is a lot of work, there’s a lot of noise and thousands of things to think about. There are the obvious ways to market yourself i.e. paid ads, social media, traditional print etc but there’s quite an astonishing trend in people re-investing in physical items to act as their secret marketing weapon.

Lanyards themselves are a fantastic way for people to keep their valuable things safe and more visible. Keys, ID badges, card holders & even mobile phones in some cases. This means that they are being used every single day, picked up every single day, and looked at every single day. If a lanyard is plastered with your branding, logo, colour scheme & slogan, as time passes its impossible to suggest that you wont be thought of.

Let’s think. How are lanyards used?

Going way back in time, lanyards we’re originally used on clipper ships, where they helped stop sailors from losing important items overboard. Today ease the need to cram I.D. badges, keys and other items into pockets or purses, without the risk of them falling out of being damaged. Other lanyard alternatives are even worse. Backpacks? Sure, they seem quite practical but you risk leaving it somewhere, losing it or having in stolen. Fanny packs? The less said about those the better.

How to market with lanyards, 101.

They have many practical uses day to day, but how are they a business tool used to boost your awareness?

Simple. When you boil it down. A well-thought out custom lanyard with a logo or text imprint becomes a walking ad for your brand as soon as someone slips it around their neck or puts their eyes on it as you’re on the train, walking down the street or stood in a coffee shop. They have the tools they need to do their job, and you have a relatively cost effective promotion of your brand. Win-win.

The chances of you seeing a lanyard on a daily basis is very likely, you seem them in stores, online in advertisements as you’re scrolling through your phone, if you work in a multi office building you can tell what somebody does purely based on their lanyard and many more. Most professional organisations use them as part of the uniform. Front and centre.

Giveaway/Event Lanyards

If you’re running a promotional event, at an exhibition showcasing your product, doing some kind of competition, lanyards are a fantastic item to giveaway as part of a welcome/thank you for your interest pack. Thinking ahead even further, if you give away 100 lanyards at an exhibition and encourage people to put them on, you’ve got 100 walking advertisements. Easy.

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