Lanyards and the environment

Lanyards and the environment

It is becoming more and more of an issue with regards to how our carbon footprint as a species is starting to effect the environment around us. Plastic waste is a big factor of this, as with the population rising and not every person being on board with sustainable living, there are increases in landfill sites among other things having long term effects on the environment itself.

Although this is an on-going issue, it has been made very clear and visual through coverage of this through shows such as Planet Earth 2 hosted by David Attenborough on the BBC. It is because of this raise in awareness that we have took it upon ourselves to offer 3 earth friendly lanyard options.

Recycled PET

These lanyards are very similar in feel and finish to flat polyester, they are very durable and are actually made from recycled plastic bottles, this doesn’t restrict what you can do with them as they have the same print options as any other lanyard, all round a fantastic choice for the environment conscious.

2. Bamboo fibre

Bamboo fibre lanyards are not only sustainable but they are biodegradable and have a smooth silk like feel, beyond this is also has anti-bacterial qualities. Once again this doesn’t mean there is a restriction on the print options and customisation options, this is consistent throughout.

3. Plant Silk

Plant silk lanyards are both sustainable and biodegradable and have a silky feel and slightly shiny lustre. Much like the other two variations, they are as practical as they are environmentally friendly.

Do you think any of these might be right for you?

Absolute Lanyards are specialists in lanyards, we provide fully customisable and personal lanyards perfect for your business or event. Due to fantastic working relations with our production facility, we are able to provide a rapid 5 day delivery service for time sensitive orders.

We also price match any quote if you can find a cheaper rate from a UK supplier, we challenge you to find somebody at a lower rate.

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