Dye sublimation: The Perfect Choice

Dye sublimation: The Perfect Choice

If you’re in the market for lanyards, there can be a lot of irrelevant information to get through, especially if you aren’t too sure exactly what you’re looking for. Lanyards or ‘those things you hang round your neck.’ come in a variety of choices, but some are more universal than others. Dye sublimation lanyards are a prime example of this. It sounds quite complicated we admit but its quite the opposite. They are one of the ‘all-rounders’ that are fantastic for a huge list of reasons.

Dye sublimation is a printing process, and in simple terms it means the imprint on your lanyards will never fade, peel or crack. Colour is kept vibrant, and they are built to resist heavy usage and can handle rougher environments without any real consequence.

How we make them

The important step to preserving the vibrancy and colour for so long is entirely reliant on how the printing process is carried out. We apply varying amounts of heat and pressure to a special kind of ink that effectively turns from a solid material into a gas, similar to what happens with dry ice. Once it is in gas form, the dye infuses deep within each fibre of the lanyard, it’s a bonding process which makes two separate things into one collective. Pretty cool right?

Why they are awesome

Anything associated with your brand needs to be as bright and vibrant as you are, it’s important for every possible angle to be covered if you’re looking to grow your business, and this is one of the blind spots so many people seem to miss. The printing process allows for colour fade to not be an option, and your lanyard will stand up against the test of time better than most, looking fresh out of the box even after years and years.

Your one-stop place for lanyards

Although we stock an essential range of lanyards and matching accessories, we are big fans of Dye Sublimation here at Absolute Lanyards and they are to this day one of our very best sellers, shortly followed by our flat polyester. We can provide this and so much more. We’ve done this for many customers in our time and will continue to do so.

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