Custom Merchandise for Charity Events

Custom Merchandise for Charity Events

Charities are reliant on fundraising to cover the costs of the amazing work that they do, and as such from cake sales to extreme adventure there are hundreds of thousands of charity events every year in the UK. Whether for advertising the event, participants, or as products for sale, custom merchandise for charity events can help in a myriad of different ways. There are numerous options of items that are all fully customisable available from Absolute Lanyards including, of course lanyards, as well as wristbands, tote bags, keychains and more.

Charity Events

Throughout a year every charity holds a series of organised events specifically aimed at raising funds to enable them to continue their work. On top of these organised events many individuals opt to set up their own challenges in order to raise funds for their chosen charity. There are lots of well-known and publicised events that each year raise millions of pounds for their respective charities including:

  • Cancer Research - Race for Life
  • Macmillan Cancer Support – World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
  • Save the Children - Christmas Jumper Day
  • British Heart Foundation – London to Brighton Bike Ride

As you can see some of these events involve physical challenges such as running 5km or cycling 54 miles, others are widely accessible for everyone such as wearing a Christmas jumper to school, college or work in exchange for a small charity donation. Some of these events are more suited to others for the use of customised merchandise such as wristbands or lanyards.

Lanyards for Charity Events


Charity events can be short or long, easy or hard. Some events such as races or multi-day endurance events may be more suited to the use of lanyards.

Many people relish the challenge of super endurance events such as climbing the 3-peaks, or multi-day walking or cycling events, and as such charities put together packages that include overnight stays, baggage transport and route support making the challenges accessible to a wide variety of people. For such challenges bespoke charity lanyards have several uses such as:

  • Identification and access
  • Luggage transport

Where there are hotel stays and luggage transfers personalised lanyards are invaluable. Lanyards can be used to identify which luggage belongs to which person, they can also be used alongside ID card holders to provide access to facilities such as hotels, or kit storage. There are many different types of lanyards available, from standard plain polyester to full colour HD printed dye sublimation, we also stock environmentally friendly recycled PET lanyards – you can see the full selection here.

Wristbands for Charity Events

Events such as Race for Life, Women V Cancer Ride the Night, and Walk the Walk Moonwalk play an important role in raising substantial amounts of money for their respective charities. Fundraising may be for a serious cause, and the challenges physically tough, but these and many other similar events have an upbeat, festival like atmosphere with music, camaraderie and lots of fun; as such customisable silicone wristbands are extremely popular. Silicone wristbands have become a fashion accessory in recent years, with many people collecting them and wearing them as a reminder of the events that they have attended.

Wristbands have multiple functions for charity events. They can be used as part of a marketing strategy for the event. During the event they can be given to participants, perhaps with different coloured wristbands denoting start-waves or access to specified areas. Wristbands are available in an array of colours, and can be customised with the charity’s logo. Silicone wristbands also make a great item of merchandise that can be sold, they are relatively inexpensive, and as people proudly wear their purchase, they are likely to tell others of their achievement and provide free advertising for next years event. 

Face Masks for Charity Events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic face masks have become a necessity within the UK. Despite the dwindling risks many people still prefer to wear masks for their

own and others safety. Challenge style charity events usually take place outdoors where the risks are less, however, cake sales and coffee mornings that are more likely to be indoors pose more of a risk. In this instance people may prefer to wear a face mask, so why not have charity branded face masks available to purchase. Face masks also make a great addition to merchandise stalls at any charity event.

Available from Absolute Lanyards we have the Super Versatile Snood; this is not just a face mask; it is also a neck covering and can be worn as a head scarf or headband. There are options for the fabric to have moisture wicking properties which is ideal for during an intense race style charity event, or a fleece lining that would help the wearer get warm following a mud run or wet outdoor event.

Customisable Charity Merchandise

There is an array of options for additional charity merchandise that is available to order. All fully customisable in the charity’s colours with logos and the name of the fundraising event you can buy merchandise to sell during the event, give away as prizes or use as part of the event marketing strategy. We have keychains, tote bags and other items that are all fully customisable to the needs of your charity event. Contact us today, we can provide product advice and information as well as a bespoke quote for your precise requirements.