Custom Lanyards for Trade Fairs

Custom Lanyards for Trade Fairs

Trade shows are a tool for businesses to market to each other, share ideas, and gain knowledge. Primarily a business-to-business event, there are trade fairs for all kinds of industries with people travelling around the globe to visit the biggest events in the calendar. Whether showing at, attending, or organising a trade show, lanyards will be a common sight at the event. Custom lanyards for trade fairs have many uses and are an invaluable purchase for both event organisation and marketing purposes.

What are Trade Shows

People at a trade fair

Trade shows are often annual or biannual industry events, sometimes they are linked to a specific location, at other times the hosting city will vary.  Trade fairs are a platform for showcasing innovation and sharing knowledge, as well as for marketing and purchasing products. Some trade shows are huge, multi-national events, others are smaller scale, however, whatever the event it is a certainty that lanyards will feature! The five biggest expos in the world as revealed by Solo Press in 2019 are as follows:

  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Las Vegas
  • CONEXPO -CON/AGG – Las Vegas
  • Mobile World Congress (MWC) – Barcelona
  • Geneva International Motor Show – Switzerland
  • Pack Expo – Various locations

Uses for Lanyards at Trade Fairs

Whether you are part of the organisation team for a trade show, exhibiting at the show or visiting, you will likely use a lanyard at some point. Lanyards have a range of functions at trade fairs including:

  • Staff and exhibitor access
  • Visitor tickets
  • Marketing 

Lanyards are available in multiple different styles, as well as widths and with different attachments depending on your requirements. From simple polyester lanyards to eco-friendly high-definition printed lanyards the choice is yours. There is a 2–3-week standard lead time, however, choose the express option for 5-working day shipping if you’re in a hurry.


Lanyards for Access

Trade shows are generally large events, with a huge team of organisers as well as the exhibitors and visitors. The biggest trade fair CES, has over 180,000 attendees, plus over 4400 exhibitors and 1000 speakers. Organising this volume of people is logistically difficult, however, lanyards are a tool that can support the process.

Lanyards can be supplied with ID Card holders. ID cards can be used for staff, exhibitors and speakers to allow entry to the venue, parking and loading or unloading bays, restrooms and other behind the scenes staff, special guest, or exhibitor only areas.

Visitor Lanyards

Visitors may also receive a lanyard with integral ID Card holder or pouch to carry their ticket or visitor pass. These tickets or passes may also be different depending on the tier of ticket purchased, or additional options purchased such as access to specific speakers or premium lounges; in this case for ease of identification different coloured lanyards could be used to denote different levels. All lanyards can be fully customised with the exhibition logo, name, location, year, or any other relevant information.

Lanyards for Marketing

Ultimately the aim of trade shows is to sell a product, impart knowledge that may lead to sales, or network with potential customers. Oftentimes exhibitors at trade shows have their product available for demonstration alongside lots of information, however, they also provide freebies for people to take away.

At a trade show every visitor is likely to speak to many different people, remembering who did what, and who to contact will be very difficult. However, by handing out a lanyard, wristband or other custom product branded with the company logo and contact details they will more likely remember the interaction and make re-contact in the future. Lanyards may also be reused, for instance, to safely hold work keys or ID cards, providing an ongoing reminder of the interaction and product being marketed at the trade fair. 

Ordering Lanyards for Trade Shows

With express delivery options available, whether the trade fair is in two weeks or two months you have plenty of time to get custom lanyards. At Absolute Lanyards, we have a full range of lanyards available to choose from. Lanyards can be fully customised in a range of colours or choose a dye sublimation lanyard for an all-over high-definition design. Add a logo and/or text representing the trade show or your organisation. Contact us for a bespoke quote or order online if you know your requirements. There are multiple standard and premium clip options to choose from, and order extras such as ski-pass reels or ID Card holders for the best value. Most lanyards have a minimum order quantity of just 100, so lanyards for trade fairs are a great value option for businesses of all sizes.