Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

Colour is such a fundamental part of branding, we think it’s severely underestimated with the potential power it has and how it affects us subliminally.

It may not seem particularly obvious, but from a very young age, we are all programmed to identify colours and then associate it with our actions. For example, we stop when the tra c lights are red, and we go when the light turns green, this is the same kind of principle when it comes to marketing your business; with colour association.

Everybody knows what colour the McDonalds famous ‘M’ is, the same how everybody knows the primary colour of Coca Cola. Obviously these are world renowned brands but the idea still applies to any other business, including yours.
The point we’re trying to make is that your brand colour can help solidify the memory of your business in the mind of a potential customer. Branding goes beyond your logo and font, your colour scheme should be one of the key pillars when considering how you want to your target audience. This is a huge strength with lanyards, particularly personalised lanyards.

If you’re running an event, or you’re in charge of resourcing at your business, we think it’s silly to not consider the idea for the following reasons.

1. Lanyards are mobile

Whether they’re being used for staff, or handed out as a freebie at an event, lanyards are mobile. Whether the wearer goes, so does the lanyard. If you’re clear enough with your name, logo and message, you may catch the eye of someone who happens to be walking past needing the service you provide, creating the link before they even know it.

How many times have you been walking down the street, and some advertising has caught your eye? Exact same principle.

2. Brand recognition

According to The Drum, here:

Brand Recognition increases by a massive 80% when colour is used. This alone is a staggering fact, and one we think perfectly represents the modern consumer. People are impatient when they shop, and wont hesitate to move onto the next option if they don’t get what they need.
This is why it’s important to not only lead with a fantastic product, but wear your brand colour with pride, and create that mental link to get people coming back again and again.

3. Purchasing power

Respondents to the Seoul International Colour Expo survey found that 92.6% of the participants put the most importance on colour and other visual factors when thinking about a purchase. If you don’t have your unique colour used as a key factor in your marketing, in every possible location, this survey suggests you’re damaging your chance to land as many sales, and retain them over time.

Colour plays an absolute huge part, in both your business model and your marketing strategy. This is where we can help, we provide personalised lanyards and facilitate Pantone colour matching to perfectly bring your brand colour to life.

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